OIL, Penrite, Classic Heavy 50, 5L

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CLASSIC HEAVY is a premium mineral, 40-70, high zinc, low detergent engine oildesigned specifically for petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles manufactured between 1950and 1989. It features a double layer of engine wear protection with high zinc andincreased operating temperature viscosity over older style multigrade oils or where SAE50 monograde oil was specified by the manufacturer. It controls oil consumption andmaintains oil pressure in older engines.APPLICATIONCLASSIC HEAVY is suitable for passenger cars, motorcycles, 4WD's, light & heavyduty commercial vehicles (trucks, buses & heavy equipment), tractors & industrialmachines that originally specified a SAE 50, monograde engine oil and were fitted withan engine oil filter.CLASSIC HEAVY is a multi-grade oil that contains a special additive pack that suit vehicles of the era and iscompatible with grades that were originally specified. This oil exceeds the specification requirements of original oilsrequired during this period hence offering a greater level of engine protection compared to original oils. It is ideal forolder vehicles operating in high ambient temperatures or as a summer grade oil for vehicles that require SAE 40grade oils. It is also suitable for large engined vehicles that are suffering from excessive oil consumption.CLASSIC HEAVY is an API SG/CD grade oil and contains HIGH ZINC levels for added anti-wear protection forolder engines.CLASSIC HEAVY features a standard multigrade cold temperature SAE viscosity grade with an increasedoperating temperature range that provides and added layer of protection for the engine especially under increasedload and temperature conditions. Multigrade oils provide better start up protection and better protection at operatingtemperature than monograde oils and they do not need to be changed in winter and summer as they used to do.CLASSIC HEAVY contains a "Tacky Additive" so that when the vehicles are laid up, the engine oil doesn't run offthe internal surfaces. This combined with an increased level of rust inhibitor, provides protection against corrosionand deterioration when the engine is not used or in storage.CLASSIC HEAVY is suitable for use in motor cycles fitted with a wet clutch.