Penrite -

Penrite make a Better Class of Oil. Their premium engine oils always go the Extra 10 above the industry benchmark. If the industry recommends a 10W-30, Penrite makes a 10W-40. That’s just another part of their commitment to making the best oil for your car. The W number on the front of the pack tells you the viscosity of the oil at startup temperature, while the second number describes the oil’s viscosity at its operating temperature. All oils thin out as they get hotter. The higher the second number, the less the oil will thin out. The thicker the oil, the greater the protection for your engine. Which means less wear and greater oil flow which is good news for you and your car. Penrite makes a higher rated oil for all applications. It is why they are known for their innovation and commitment to superior lubricants for Veteran, Vintage, Classic, Modern and Competition Vehicles.

Auto Restorations -

Auto Restorations is New Zealand 's most experienced car restoration company, working at a level of international award-winning quality. The strength of Auto Restorations is enthusiasm, skill and experience and not to specialize in only one make of vehicle. Established over 35 years ago, Auto Restorations has an international reputation for restorations of the very highest quality. With 26 quality staff, the skills on offer include panel beating, machining, mechanical work, coach building and auto refinishing.

TengTools -

Typically Teng. Teng Tools is a truly international brand, sold in over 30 countries worldwide! Our guaranteed tools and unique Tool Control System helps to improve workflow by creating a more organised and efficient workshop. Our clients range from the top names in racing to the next-door neighbour with the great garage. Only TengTools offers Swedish design with the dependability of Taiwanese production to please quality conscious users all over the world.

The Surgery -

The Surgery is a World Class Restoration Facility. We are classic owners, enthusiasts, and experts with a proud heritage of restoration success. We are committed to the very highest standards of restoration. Photo records are taken at all phases of the restoration and provided to the owner. For offshore clients we will e-mail an electronic image and make the pictures available on a client passworded website, New Zealand is well known for the quality of its craftsmen. Our skill, the low costs of doing business and the highly leveraged exchange rate, make New Zealand the best place in the world to have your classic restored. The minimal extra costs of freighting are hugely offset by the labour rate and the quality of workmanship. Specialists in: Jaguar, Porsche, MG, Morgan, BMW, Lancia and Alfa.

Auckland Morris Minor Car Club Inc -

The purpose of the Federation shall be to:

  • To unite and assist all Morris Minor Clubs
  • To make provision for a National Annual Convention of Member Clubs to be held as decided by the Federation
  • To promote the interests of Morris Minor Clubs in NZ
  • To grant Trophies to Members of Member Clubs as determined by Competition Rules
  • To formulate and maintain judging criteria for National Conventions such that the criteria is extended to encompass a wide range of Member-Owners
  • To provide information, knowledge and technical expertise of the Minor for the benefit of Members.