NZ Car Clubs

Apart from BASiS, car clubs are a fantastic resource for information and advice on your Classic Car or Caravan. They an also improve your social life and provide reasons and motivation to keep your classic on the road with great events. You can find most on Facebook or Google with simple searches. Here are a few to consider. 


The Vintage Car Club of NZ (VCC)
Branches of the VCC are all over NZ. Membership includes subscription to Beaded Wheels - the clubs bi monthly magazine. BASiS has been an active supporter of the VCC for over 35 years. 
Many VCC Clubs have club rooms, libraries and car parts. All are active in organizing events including rallies and some arrange motorsport events. 

Here are a few more with more to be added. 

Flying A Enthusiasts Club

Ford 8 and 10 Club

Humber Hillman Car Club of New Zealand

Jowett Car Club of NZ

MG Car Club of NZ

Morris Minor Car Club

The Morris Enthusiasts Club of New Zealand

Sunbeam Car Club of New Zealand

Auckland Triumph Car Club
Triumph Owners Club Christchurch

Vauxhall Owners Club of New Zealand